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Understanding Domestic Violence


What is Domestic Violence?
A pattern of power and control over a dating parter/partner/ex-partner.

What are the Warning Signs of Domestic Violence?

Your partner is controlling about what you do, who you talk to, people you see, and where you go.
Your partner accuses you of cheating.
Your partner discourages you from having relationships with family and friends.
Your partner is always blaming you/making you feel guilty.
Your partner is always trying to be the one in power/have the upper hand.
Your partner monitors your phone calls, messages, media, and email.
Your partner calls and texts you excessively.
Your partner keeps track of your time and location.
Your partner forces you to have sex against your will.
Your partner criticizes and humiliates you.
Your partner hits, slaps, punches, or strangles you.
Your partner uses your children against you.
Your partner controls the money/finances.